Sunday, November 16, 2008



What is reality,what if,what are you?
what is real?what is your reality..?
do we see the same realities?
or,do we each construct our own personal experience ,
our own interpretation of reality?
Our picture of the world is always be the construct of the mind

And who is experiencing this world?
what are you?
Your thought,feeling,memories,desires..
or,the conciousness of of experiencing all this.
who is that says 'i'm not the same person i was ten years ago'
what is that?that is experiencing..
this moment,right now..

What do you ,I,we want really?
A better lifestyle?recognition?more money?more time?
more thing?more at peace?
In the final analysis,the hope of every person is simply..
peace of mind.

Have we forgotten that we always have a chance
over how we perceive the world?
We have accomplish so much, so why we are not at peace?
Have we forgotten that we always have a chance
over we create our experience?

When you are feeling disturbed and wishing that things were different..
Ask yourself,is there another way of looking at things.
People are disturbed not by things
but by the view they take on them

What if we choose to see life
as the most precious experience..
to discover who and what we really are..
to see that deep down we all the same..
the same inner light..seeking peace of mind..

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